Give Me 2 Minutes and I’ll Show You How To Choose The Best Composite Toe Work Boots 2017

Who here works on an outdoor site? If you said you do, then you know the importance of having the best composite toe work boots. It is more than just a pair of work boots, it has the safety of a composite toe. They are vital for safety and that is why you search high and low for them.

Buyer's Guide Composite Toe Work Boots

How to Choose the Best Composite Toe Work Boots?

Choosing composite toe work boots is the same as choosing any other kind of boot. You are looking for a brand you trust and a boot that feels good on your foot all day.

I know that when I purchase a pair of Clark’s or a pair of New Balance shoes that I am going to get a shoe that fits my foot perfectly and that I can wear them all day without having any issues. It should be the same for your favourite shoe brands. Each foot is unique so each brand feels differently to each person.

Best Composite Toe Work Boots working man

When it comes to a composite toe work boot, you need to make sure that your foot will be comfortable all day upon wearing. You want to make sure that the boots have a strong shaft that will support your ankles and calves all day and that the foot bed is comfortable enough that you will not be spending lots of extra money on orthotics.

Finally, the composite toe has to be safe and sound. You do not want it to be brittle as it could cause more harm than good on your foot and toes in particular. '

Remember, this is not steel, but composite made with a hard plastic. It will keep your foot safe without the weight. That is why we purchase composite toe work boots.

What Are the Advantages and Benefits of A Composite Toe?

The advantages of a composite toe work boot is that it is not as heavy as a steel toe, but has all of the safety that the steel toe has to offer. It is made of composite and plastic so it is safe, but light in weight. You cannot beat a composite toe in your work boot.

Best Composite Toe Work Boots Lightweight

Also keep in mind that if the composite toe breaks, it is just plastic and it will not hurt as much as crushed steel over your toes. The steel will bend and it will be more difficult to get your toes out of.

Many of my friends who wear the most comfortable work boots will not purchase steel toe boots for that reason. They cherish their toes too much.

Things to Look for and Attributes that Differentiate Composite Toe Work Boots

Look for a brand that you trust. Since I do not wear work boots for a living, I tend to ask friends who do. They have their brand that they trust and will not stray from it. They know they fit them perfectly and what to expect from them.

Some friends prefer CATs while other friends prefer Tim’s. It just depends on the person and what type of work they do. Remember, what works for one person may not work for the other.

What’s the Best Way to Use this Product?

The only way to use this product is to wear it on site. You get the best feel for the boots and see how the boots perform. Other ways you can use these work boots is to do yard work, shovel snow and basically do anything outdoors. This time of year is what composite toe work boots is made for.

5 Best Composite Toe Work Boots

1. Reebok Work Duty Men's Rapid Response RB RB8694 6" Tactical Boot

Best Composite Toe Work Boots bates

These boots look as though they were made for the Army rather than for the work site, but do not let that fool you. They are made of both leather and textile and have a rubber sole. They are a lace up boot that has ribbed sides, a padded collar and also for safety a high traction outsole. There is also a side zipper for easy on and off.

These boots are not lightweight, but they are also not heavy due to the composite toe. They will keep your feet safe and your calves and ankles well supported. You can even wear them doing yard work, hiking and other outdoor activities outside of work.

  • Rubber outsoles are Slip, oil, heat, abrasion - resistant 
  • EVA Midsole for comfort
  • Composite toe rated and electrical hazard protection
  • Have potential to last for over 5 years
  • Do not require a lot of extra care - no extra cleaning from getting them dirty. You can wear them in mud, dirt, snow, sand, paint and oil and you just need to hose them down and allow them to air dry
  • Many men in the military wear these boots so you do not need to work in construction to own them
  • Not Waterproof
  • Some colours are not the same as what is shown online. They differ a bit

2. Timberland PRO 6” TiTAN Composite Safety-Toe Work Boot

Best Composite Toe Work Boots timberland titan

Sorry Timberland, these may be great composite toe work boots, but they look as though they were designed with senior citizens in mind. I tend to think that way when I see work boots that are all black and made of leather. Their only saving grace is that they are also available in brown as well.

These work boots are made of leather and have a rubber sole in which I think is best for work boots (just an opinion). They have a lace up design with PowerFit comfort system that has a padded collar along with the TiTan safety toe that is specific to Timberland work boots.

Timberland work boots are also breathable and have a moisture wicking lining thus eliminating stinky feet and smelly work boots. Thank goodness for that! They also contain an OrthoLite foot bed that has Dryz Intellitemp X-Static expertise for dampness management and even temperature decree.

And finally, as with many work boots by Timberland they have a Pro Rubber slip resistant outsole which means no falling in the wet weather or wet work sites.

  • The safety is second to none
  • Slip resistant outsole
  • Keeps feet dry and gets rid of any smell from moisture and sweaty feet
  • Has a padded collar
  • Has a PowerFit comfort system
  • OrthoLite foot bed
  • They have a 30 day guarantee
  • They look like old people boots
  • Not Waterproof

3. Carhartt Men’s CMF6366 6 Inch Composite Toe Boot - Editors' Choice

Best Composite Toe Work Boots composite carhatt

Now this is what a composite toe work boot should look like. It is a beautiful brown oil tanned leather and has a sturdy looking sole. They go perfectly with jeans and have a clean yet rugged look to them. If purchasing boots on looks, I am already sold.

Now let’s get down to the real business. These are made of 100% leather and have a rubber sole which is great for safety. These boots are extremely durable and can go from work to play easily.

They are made of full grain leather upper with a tie closure. The tong and collar are well padded and have a lightweight EVA midsole and even OrthoLite insole so there is plenty of cushioning for all day wear 12 months out of the year.

These boots are my favourite best composite toe work boots thus far. Just make sure you wear good socks with them to keep your feet warm in the cooler temperatures.

  • Rugged looking
  • Contain OrthoLite insole and a lightweight EVA midsole
  • Tong and collar are well padded for extra comfort and support
  • Can be worn from hiking to work to yard work and everything in between
  • Water resistant - first one we have seen on the list thus far
  • Best of the best composite toe work boots
  • If you want them waterproof, you need to spray them before going out

4. Timberland PRO Men's 6" Boondock Comp-Toe Industrial Work Boot

Best Composite Toe Work Boots timberland boondock

Timberland nailed the look of what the most comfortable composite toe work boots should look like. They are rugged and are also able to go from work site to work at home. They will also look great picking things up around town as well. Do not underestimate these Timberland boots.

These composite toe work boots are made of leather and have a synthetic sole, which is not my favourite kind of sole. They have a shaft that is 6 ½ inches from the arch and have a lace up design. The work boots are insulated (400g) and they do have the composite safety toe which is key.

The collar is padded and they also feature silver tone eyelet hardware to make them look sharper. These work boots are actually waterproof leather along with a waterproof membrane for added abrasion defiance.

  • Have a Timberland PRO rubber toe protector that increases abrasion resistance and durability
  • Waterproof
  • Have a smart look to them
  • Have an exclusive fingertip pull on feature to make putting your boots on easier
  • Insole isn’t great so not a good shoe for long periods of time

5. Wolverine Men's Legend 6 Inch Waterproof Comp Toe Work Shoe

Best Composite Toe Work Boots skechers

If you are looking for a work shoe, then this shoe is for you. Wolverine’s make phenomenal shoes and I should know because I like this brand. They lasted for an entire year which is a long time for a kid, and they are super comfortable and have plenty of support.

These Wolverine’s are made of leather and have the all-important leather sole. They are a relaxed fit shoe and also have removable OrthoLite cushioned footbed so you can wear them for 12 hours a day and your feet will not be in pain when you take them off.

  • Slip resistant sole and meet ASTM standard F2413-11 M I/75 C75 EH
  • Sole is fine in wet and oily surfaces
  • 100% Waterproof and durable leather
  • Will be one of the best composite toe work boots 2017
  • Expensive


You probably already know which work boot I am going to choose. Yes, it is the Carhartt Men’s CMF6366 6 Inch Composite Toe Boot. This is what the best composite toe work boots should look like.

It is a beautiful brown oil tanned leather and has a sturdy looking sole. They go perfectly with jeans and have a clean yet rugged look to them. They are also water resistant which is good enough for me.

Give Me 2 Minutes and I’ll Show You How To Choose The Best Composite Toe Work Boots 2017
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