Top 5 Best Badminton Rackets: Take You Game To The Next Level

Badminton is one of the most well-known sports throughout the world. The sport is currently considered to be an Olympic sport and professional from all over the world are raking in good money for playing a sport that they love.

We set out to find the best badminton rackets that will help you take your game to the next level and ensure that you have the capabilities of playing the perfect game. By using these racquets, you will be able to place yourself a few notches above the average player and ensure that you never make simple mistakes that could be blamed on the racquet.

We tried out the sport and various racquets to ensure that you do not have to waste your money on some the lower racquet and ensure that you buy a high-quality product and get value for your money.

All of the racquets featured in these reviews have been quality tested and even beginners will be able to improve their game and take it to the next level. Intermediate players might even reach that target of becoming pro and getting paid for the sport that they love or simply play as a hobby.

With that being said, let’s look at what our experience in the world of badminton has shown us and how you could improve your game with these rackets. It is also worth noting that none of us are pros and we had some guidance from pro players, but we managed to improve our game to a higher level.

We started out by purchasing a set for beginners to see how we fair with the current form we are playing and the results were not that good compared to some of the professional players.

The racquets were great and made from extremely high-quality and durable Graphite racquet. The Graphite shaft was impeccable and extremely lightweight to ensure that we were able to move around freely and hit every ball.

The stringing was average and the racquet has been factory strung by professionals to ensure quality, but since we were no experts, we did not really feel the difference in the stringing on the first few games.

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The racquet also features an average interface that is great for beginners to start off with and ensure that you can play a few rounds just to get the feel of the game.

The entire set was quite a bargain for the price that you will need to pay and you will receive two high-quality racquets, 2 badminton and 2 random colored grips that can easily be changed to suit your style or to replace the standard grip when it is worn.

The bag is very stylishly designed and will be able to carry all of the badminton equipment, while also allowing for easy transportation to different locations. We really enjoyed the extra grip features and once one of them becomes too sweaty and sticky, we were able to easily replace the grip and let the other one take a little break, but this can also be swapped for style purposes.

We highly recommend this set for beginners or just casual entertainment and the quality will be perfect for casual entertainment. This will be a quick and easy way to entertain your guests or to keep you from boredom when it is raining on holiday.

  • Extremely lightweight frame
  • Factory strung to ensure quality
  • Perfect weight balance for casual players or beginners
  • Extremely affordable
  • Intermediate player might not get the elevation and distance with these racquets

Next, we were able to try out one of the most advanced racquets to see if we could feel any real difference in the game.

This racquet weighs almost the exact same as the other racquets for beginners, but the carbon nanotube shaft made all of the difference when it comes to weight balance.

The shaft is extremely light and this ensures that with more weight in the frame, you will be able to reach longer distances with your shots and even hit some of those ground shots.

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The stringing on the racquet was immense and we did a little experiment to see the sweet spot difference on the 2 racquets. When you simply bounce the badminton on the racquet, you will notice that the sweet spot is bigger and this will offer you more lean way to make mistakes.

The racquet has also been stylishly designed to ensure you also look professional when arriving to play your game. The racquet has been pre-strung in the factory to ensure that you have a quality badminton racquet that will never let you down while playing.

We highly recommend this racquet for intermediate players, but beginners will also have more confidence in their game with the larger sweet spot. Using these racquets in casual games are sure to give you the advantage and if you like to always win, this racquet might certainly give you the edge.

  • Lightweight but durable frame
  • Larger than average sweet spot
  • Great for winners and intermediate players
  • Factory balanced and strung for better quality
  • Grip may get sweaty and sticky and slip after longer playing times

The Yonex Voltric racquet was next on our list and we really liked the style that it was designed with. This factory strung racquet proved to be the one that really improved our game and allowed us to be more competitive.

The racquet might be little heavier than the other racquets, but graphite shaft really compliments the tungsten frame in terms of weight and when we started to tire, this feature really helped to combat the fatigue and ensure that we were able to keep going for longer periods of time.

We were also able to increase the distance of the shots with the perfectly balanced pre-strung racquet.

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The weight in the frame will definitely have a huge impact on your shots and if you get tired like us, you will be able to hit those difficult shots harder to create a better opportunity to win the game on the next shot.

The grip on the racquet was solid for the first time and we were able to use the racquet even while sweating without any fear of it slipping from our hands and once it did slip, the frame was durable enough to withstand all of the impacts.

We highly recommend this for beginners and intermediate players. Some professionals have even used this to improve their learning curve and some still use it today as a practice racquet. This ensures that you will receive the perfect quality racquet to take your game to the next level.

  • Perfectly balanced and factory strung for quality
  • Durable tungsten frame
  • Stylish design and professional looking bag
  • Might be slightly heavier than the average racquets

The Yonex combo set was one of the best sets that were recommended to us. The set is perfect for beginners and you will receive everything needed to start your badminton career.

The set also includes an easy to carry bag that will make storage and transportation easy and the quality is immense for such an affordable price.

We were able to give the set ago and we were impressed by the quality of the steel shaft and frame. The racquets were quite heavy but perfect for beginners to get into the game and learn all of the basic fundamentals of the game.

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The advantage that the steel construction presented was the amount of damage that they were able to withstand. We were even able to play those ground shots with all the freedom in the world and the racquet didn't even bend or break. The racquets have also been factory strung to ensure high quality and a precision product, but the balancing was not up to par.

Next, we experimented with the grip and it was surprisingly better than we thought. The racquet did not slip that often and even after enjoying a swimming break, we were able to maintain full control of every shot.

We highly recommend this for casual players. Beginners could also use this, but we do believe that the balancing might hinder the progression and the learning curve slightly. The steel frame will be durable for playing on vacations and children will not be able to easily bend or break the frame.

  • Great for casual use
  • Durable steel frame and shaft
  • Better than average non-slip grip
  • Complete badminton set at an affordable price
  • Steel frame might be too heavy
  • Unbalanced frame will not be great for beginners

This is hands down the best racquet that we could try out and the racquet is really not that expensive. This racquet was designed for professional play and the lightweight frame really enhanced the gameplay.

The strength added by the micro carbon fiber material made all the difference in terms of distance and we were able to get out of trouble on many occasions, thanks to this high-quality feature.

The grip is extremely durable and sticks to your hand when you start to sweat. This will ensure that the racquet never slips.

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Furthermore, the slim shaft has been specifically designed for aerodynamics and to ensure that you have a high-performance racquet to meet all of your needs and to combat fatigue when swinging. This will also give you more air on the badminton and you will be able to perfectly set up that winning combination.

The racquet is also available in nine different colors for you to choose from and we consider this to be the best badminton racquet on the market today. We also highly recommend this for professional and especially intermediate players to improve their game and take them to the next level of the sport. This racquet could help you make fun of friends and family when playing casually and it could even propel you to the big leagues.

  • Micro carbon fiber materials for durability and strength
  • Aerodynamic shaft for better performance
  • Available in 9 colors to suit every stylish need
  • We could not find any cons as we consider this to be the best badminton racquet
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