A Complete Suunto Traverse Review: Definitive Buyer’s Guide

Altimeter watches are incredibly useful for anyone who spends a lot of time in the great outdoors. They are wonderful tools for tracking where you are, figuring out weather, and understanding the area around you.

Though many of today's altimeter watches give you a range of standard readings, chances are you're going to want something with a little more functionality. If that's the case, look no further than the Suunto Traverse. In this guide we will conduct a review of the accessory to show what makes it so great.

Suunto Traverse
  • Water proof, tough all-weather design
  • Predict upcoming weather, daylight hours available
  • Follow your route, elevation, distance and pace

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A Feature for Every Type of Adventure

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The Traverse, at its core, is a GPS-enabled altimeter watch that comes with great climb and descent metrics. It also comes with a compass, barometer, temperature, and timekeeper. You would expect all of those from most models, but where this one stands out is in extra functionality.

The model is not just dependable, it is also outfitted with tons of in-depth and advanced technology. You can use it to hike, climb, track fitness, navigate to certain areas, and even log both long and short-term data.

Such features help you easily keep track of your trips. The watch also shows total ascent and descent, and, if the GPS is enabled, you can also see the speed at which you are moving up or down. That helps increase accuracy to give you the most data possible.

Compass, Timekeeping, and Monitoring Functions

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The next part of this Suunto Traverse review is breaking down additional upgrades. The watch's digital compass is tilt-compensated to give you the best reference to true north possible. You can manually calibrate the declination as well.

As mentioned, the Traverse is also able to keep time. However, it goes a bit beyond that by adding in a timer, stopwatch, GPS, daylight savings time option, and one daily alarm. That means you can keep better track of how long you're hiking for, as well as how long certain areas are.

Another benefit of the Traverse is that it works with both GPS and GLONASS networks to generate the best possible signal. Accuracy is key when moving through tricky terrain, and this feature makes it so you are aware of your position at all times.

The final feature that set this watch apart is its activity monitoring functions. Fitness tracking is always handy to have on you, especially when you're hiking to lose weight or get in shape.

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The Traverse helps you understand all parts of your adventures by counting burned calories, tracking daily steps, and allowing you to create specific activity profiles. It also comes with a 30-day step history.

A Mix of Great Fit and Sleek Design

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When conducting a Suunto Traverse review, you also need to mention the watch's amazing look and ease of use.

While all of the above features may seem overwhelming, you should not worry. The Traverse's sleek interface is incredibly easy to use. Once you learn how to use it, getting into the many features will be a breeze.

The large mineral glass display looks stylish and sleek, which always adds an extra layer to a timepiece. In addition, the glass combines with crisp, large fonts to make sure you can always read the watch, regardless of where you are.

Another bonus is that you can freely invert the color display and switch the contrast, which allows you to use the accessory both day and night. Furthermore, the backlight has three settings: normal, night, and toggle. The flashlight mode, which keeps the display on maximum brightness, is also a great way to find your way around in the dark.

There is no doubt that the Traverse offers a slim fit, another great trait that increases its style. The accessory comes with a soft, flexible silicone band that can be worn over and under clothing, and its water-resistant material makes sure you can wear it in many different situations.

The Perfect Outdoor Watch

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As the above Suunto Traverse review shows, the watch is simply one of the sleekest and most elegant altimeter accessories on the market. You get a ton of features packed into a small, easy-to-use package. While some models may come with more bells and whistles, they are often much more confusing. This accessory keeps your hikes and information simple.

Whether you want to go out on an afternoon hike or a much longer journey, the Suunto Traverse will have something you can use. The tracking features help keep logs for people looking to work out on trails, while the advanced metrics are great for more serious hikers. There are many ways to adventure, and with its plethora of great options, the Traverse can handle them all. 

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