Nike Tanjun Review: Sleek And Affordable Sneakers

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Everybody wants their athletic shoes to be comfortable. However, while many feel good, few of them have the cushion, support, and reliability of the Nike Tanjun. Tanjun means “simplicity” in Japanese, and no word better fits this sleek sneaker. The model is one of the most comfortable shoes you can find and gives you everything you need to run hard without worrying about sore feet. This Nike Tanjun review will tell you everything you need to know about these comfortable and reliable shoes.

The Nike Tanjun is an affordable shoe that is perfect for anyone who wants to be active and comfortable at the same time. This article will break down some of the most important parts of the shoe and explain what makes it such a worthwhile purchase.

NIKE Men's Tanjun Sneakers, Breathable Textile...
4,051 Reviews
NIKE Men's Tanjun Sneakers, Breathable Textile...
  • Breathable textile upper for lightweight comfort
  • Foam midsole/outsole offers a lightweight cushioning
  • Cushioned foam midsole and outsole unit absorbs impacting shock and delivers daylong comfort
NIKE Older Kids' Tanjun Sneakers
2,337 Reviews
NIKE Older Kids' Tanjun Sneakers
  • Breathable textile upper for all-day comfort
  • Foam midsole/outsole offers a lightweight feel and durable cushioning
  • Flex grooves along the sole let your foot flex naturally

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Our Nike Tanjun Review

Following is our Nike Tanjun review which will tell you everything you need to know about these shoes, as well as provide the answers to any questions you may have. We have also highlighted all the pros and cons of owning a pair of these shoes.

Pros & Cons


  • Very affordable price tag
  • Very stylish
  • Comfortable as a general lifestyle shoe
  • Can be used for light exercising
  • Highly breathable and flexible
  • Goes well with most outfits
  • Composed of lightweight materials


  • Questionable traction
  • Lacks the stability and support found in a running shoe
  • Not very durable

Nike Tanjun Review: Some Important Notes to Consider About Nike Tanjuns


One of the best and worst parts of the Nike Tanjuns is the fact they don’t have a separate outsole. The midsole and outsole are combined. This makes the shoe very lightweight, however, it does pose some limits to the durability of the shoe. Regardless, the bottom area of the shoe has modest indentations in a waffle-style pattern which assist with footing. The absence of a rubber outsole is not a problem if you’re participating in indoor training and, of course, this won’t be an issue if you are wearing the shoes purely casually. However, the minimal treading found on the Nike Tanjuns can lead to questions about traction if you’re looking for shoes to wear for outdoor exercise.


As mentioned above, the midsole is connected to the outsole as it is a single unit of foam. This foam platform is well distributed throughout the entire shoe, and this gives you a good distance from the ground. With this in mind, these shoes do offer great support and are brilliant at absorbing impact while you move. The majority of buyers praise these shoes for their all-day-long comfort, and the foam midsole and outsole combination plays a huge part in this. The foam indents slightly to form a simple, stylish looking curve, and this sits parallel to the iconic Nike swoosh tick.


The upper part of the shoe has an overall minimalistic look. This area is composed of a lightweight nylon mesh material. The mesh has perforations all the way along it which are in a stylish diamond shape. The only thing that overlays the mesh outer is the Nike swoosh tick which is located on either side. There are no uncomfortable or awkward lace cages or any large eyelets which get in the way. The flat laces on these shoes cross over directly into the curved eyelet, which connects seamlessly to the toe bumper and the midsole.


When looking to buy any kind of lifestyle shoe, breathability is an important factor to consider, especially if you are looking to do any training or exercise in the shoes. During a workout, the last thing you want is to have hot and sweaty feet soaking through your socks and weighing you down. The upper mesh on these shoes provides a highly breathable atmosphere and allows air to flow through the shoes to the feet effortlessly. There is no heel counter on the Nike Tanjuns, so the airflow is uninterrupted at every angle of the shoe, including the back area. With all this in mind though, it is important to note that these shoes are not suitable for all weather. Due to the meshy outer and breathability, they are unable to keep out rain and cold air.


These shoes are praised by buyers for their lightweight materials and the lightness that is felt when wearing them. The lightness of the shoe makes it so easy to move around in them and provides support for the feet and muscles as there is very little effort needed to move around in them. It is rare for a lifestyle shoe to be so light, and that is what makes the Nike Tanjuns such a popular choice for everyday wear.


The great thing about these shoes is that they do fit true to size for the majority of people, and this includes those with wide feet. There is a lot of praise from buyers about the comfort that these shoes provide. There is a good amount of padding in both the tongue and the inside heel, and the fabric on the insole is perfectly smooth. The perfect inner fabrics mold to the shape of the foot, and this makes them even comfortable enough to wear without socks. As a bonus, the insole is removable, and so can be replaced with one designed specifically for any foot condition that you may have if you choose to do so. These shoes do not need to be broken in, and offer great comfort and support straight from the box. 


The style of these shoes is what has made them a bestseller. The aesthetic appeal of these shoes makes them very popular with a wide variety of different people. In Japanese, the word Tanjun means simplicity, and the design of these shoes reflects just that. There are no unnecessary logos, tags,  or additional materials added on for effect. They are sleek, clean and very simple. They come in a variety of different colors, so you can find a pair that can suit all different outfits.


It can be difficult for a shoe to be both lightweight and protective. Protection tends to require much more rugged materials that are weightier, and these tend to not be very flexible. As the Nike Tanjun’s are very lightweight, we can only really expect them to offer minimal protection. The midsole section of the shoe does provide some good impact absorption which can take the strain away from your bones and joints.


The combined outsole and midsole of these shoes do contribute immensely to the lightweight nature of these shoes, however, this does come at a cost of the durability. As there is no rubber outsole to protect the midsole, these shoes will not last long for outdoor sports. If you are going to be running outdoors or participating in any intense outdoor exercise in these shoes, we would suggest opting for a treadmill or indoor activities where the surface is smooth.


The responsiveness of these shoes is nothing immense, however, even the most responsive shoes on the market are only capable of a very small percentage of preventive loss of energy. The foam on these shoes is durable and will provide you with a bounce that comes along with shock absorption. The responsiveness of these shoes, however, is not especially significant compared to similar shoes.


Nike Tanjun’s are best to be worn as a casual shoe, however, they can be worn to the gym. These shoes can withstand some short distance running on pavements, but they will last a lot longer if you choose to participate in indoor activities instead due to the lack of an outer runner sole. Buyers who have used these shoes for the gym have reported them to be very comfortable, secure, and breathable during exercise. These are a neutral shoe which have a low drop, so you wouldn’t need to worry much about having an awkwardly positioned foot or rolling your ankle during any exercise of weight training. You needn’t worry about slipping either the outer foam of the outsole is sticky enough to provide good traction.


If you’re looking to buy shoes for the gym, then flexibility is a huge factor that should be considered when choosing the right pair. If the upper part of the shoe or the midsole are stiff or tough, then this can be very uncomfortable during exercise. Luckily, the mesh upper on the Nike Tanjuns is elasticated and provides plenty of flexible movement. As the shoe doesn’t have a heel counter, the flexibility covers the entire exterior of the shoe and therefore provides flexibility to the whole foot. Also, as there is no rubber outsole, the midfoot and heel are extremely bendable. When your foot arches forward, the shoe will do the same. These shoes also lack a lace cage, which adds to the comfort and flexibility factors.


Buyers of this shoe have reported that these perform very well as a gym shoe. They do not have a prominent support system, however, their low-level design and simplicity provide the natural support that you would expect from any good gym shoe. These shoes were not specifically designed to support people with flat feet or high arches. There is plenty of cushioning within the shoe though, which is great for comfort. The lack of any prominent support system within this shoe is what makes this a great lifestyle and casual shoe, rather than a shoe chosen to be work for long-distance running.


This shoe has received overall brilliant reviews, however, some buyers have complained about the lack of stability that these shoes provide, particularly for intensive gym training. Some have mentioned that the upper mesh area of the shoe is a little too flexible, and don’t do a good enough job of holding the foot steady inside the shoe. As there is no heel counter in the shoe, the mesh does little to protect against any injuries that may potentially occur due to quick lateral movements. However, we must stress that a shoe should be judged purely based on its intended design purpose, and in this case, the Nike Tanjuns are not designed to be an intensive exercise shoe. They are simply classed as a lifestyle shoe and offer the stability needed for this purpose.


There is a rather noticeable difference between the height from the heel to the toe. The high drop on this shoe makes sense as it has a rather thick heel. When striding in these shoes, the heel will make the first contact with the floor and your foot will roll forward from there. The bulkiness of the heel area protects your feet from the impact on the ground and absorbs shock, which eases the transitions involved in walking and running.


One of the greatest aspects of these shoes is their price, and this is most likely why these shoes have become a bestseller. At their most expensive, the shoes cost a mere 65 dollars. Due to their inexpensive composition, and the fact that they have been on the market for a while, these shoes tend to be on sale a lot, which is an added bonus as you can pick up a pair for quite cheap.

Nike Tanjun Review: Some Further Information About Nike Tanjuns

The Tanjun’s Minimalistic Design

The first and most striking part of the Nike Tanjun is its sleek look and dynamic design. The shoe has one of the most minimalist appearances on the market, which gives it a unique aesthetic quality others styles don’t have. Many modern shoes are extremely busy or crowded. In contrast, the Tanjun strips all that away to give you a simple shoe that looks incredibly sharp.

However, you shouldn’t worry about the Tanjun being too simple either. The shoe comes with all of the incredible features that you want in a high-end sneaker, and it is available in a range of impressive colors. On that note, as the shoe is minimalist, it works well with all sorts of different clothing choices. Shoes, running or not, need to look good. This model works with just about every clothing choice.

The Many Comfort Features of the Nike Tanjun

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As touched on above in our Nike Tanjun review, the other major draw of the Tanjun is its incredible comfort. The shoe is one of the most comfortable pieces of footwear on the market, and that quality helps elevate it above other models.

There are several characteristics that add to the shoe’s comfort, but one of the most important it its weight. The Tanjun is made with a specially designed combination midsole/outsole that makes it is incredibly light. As a result, it is never going to hold you back as you run.

Typically, lighter shoes do not have the best support. However, this model breaks that perception with its specially cushioned insole. It also has a lace-up closure for a secure fit. That snug tightness combines with the cushion to make sure your foot is always protected no matter how much you run or work out.

In fact, the shoe is so comfortable that it can be worn right out of the box. Breaking in new footwear can be a long, and sometimes painful experience. However, you do not have that problem with the Tanjun. Rather than waiting for the shoe to become comfortable, it feels great right away.

A Range of Additional Features

NIKE Men's Tanjun Sneakers, Breathable Textile...

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Another great bonus of the Tanjun is how it expertly combines both support and flexibility. The shoe is built with an Ethylene-vinyl acetate (EVA) outsole that has both flex grooved and a special waffle pattern. Both of those give it extra traction and help promote motion in a natural way.

Adding to the comfort above, the shoe is also incredibly breathable. Anyone who runs or has athletic footwear knows that shoes need to keep your feet dry. The Tanjun’s expert ventilation is cuts down on any potential blisters and makes it so that you are comfortable both during and after your run.

In addition, you also get a breathable fabric lining, as well as a padded tongue and reinforced collar. All of those provide you with the comfort and stability the shoe is known for. The Tanjun comes with a diamond pattern mesh upper and a wide fit as well.

The above features are all top-of-the-line and they provide this shoe with every upgrade you could ever want from a sneaker. However, another bonus is that the Tanjun is quite affordable. Many people expect to pay premium prices for something like this, but here you get a cheaper option that doesn’t skimp on any upgrades.

Comfort and Style Wrapped Into a Single Shoe

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The Nike Tanjun is one of the slickest and most affordable premium shoes on the market. Comfort is the main draw, but it has a ton of extra support as well. You also get a toned, minimalist look that is perfect for both athletic and everyday wear.

Conclusion To Our Nike Tanjun Review

We hope that this Nike Tanjun review was useful to you. It is rare to find so much packed into a single model (especially at the lower end of the price spectrum), but the Tanjun delivers on all levels. If you’re looking for something to keep your feet happy, or if you simply want a cushioned shoe that you can take out for different activities, this is the best choice there is.

Nike Tanjun Review $


The Nike Tanjun is one of the slickest and most affordable premium shoes on the market. Comfort is the main draw, but it has a ton of extra support as well. You also get a toned, minimalist look that is perfect for both athletic and everyday wear.

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