Nike Free 5.0: Is It The Best Running Shoe Around?

Good running shoes are incredibly important for anyone who likes to stay active. Exercise puts a lot of strain on your feet, and it can lead to health problems if you don't have the right footwear. Luckily, to help with that, there is the Nike Free 5.0.





NIKE Men's Free 5.0 Running Shoe

NIKE Men's Free 5.0 Running Shoe

Nike Free 5.0

This model is one of the best running shoes on the market. Not only do you get all of the quality that Nike is known for, but you also get a wide range of options to make sure your runs are comfortable and fun.

The Nike Free 5.0 is an upgrade over past versions, and it improves upon the already great system that the company and style are known for. This article will explain why that is.

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NIKE Men's Free 5.0 Running Shoe






NIKE Lady Free 5.0+ Running Shoes



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Free by Nike: A Mix of Style and Functionality

The Nike Free is the complete package when it comes to protecting your feet on hard running surfaces like pavement or dirt. The imported shoes are mesh, and they come with a rubber sole to add more spring to your step.

The Nike Free also has a Phylite midsole, which is made of Phylon EVA foam to make sure every step feels as good as the very first. Not only does that unique feature keep you comfortable, but it also doubles as an outsole. That generates a combination of durability and lightweight cushioning to absorb any shocks you might experience while out on the road, track, or trail.

- Special Cushion

In addition, the minimalist shoe is perfect for any runs, no matter how long or short they may be. Many running shoes are only good for short distances, but the special cushion of the Nike Free 5.0 will last on long runs as well. In this way, this model is a great option for anyone, no matter their preferred runtime.

Some people shy away from minimalist running shoes for fear they are not going to give them the proper support or durability. However, the Free 5.0 delivers cushion, comfort, and excellent balance all in one smooth package.

In addition to the cushioned insole, the shoe also has a shaft that measures roughly 3 inches from the arch, as well as deep hexagonal flex grooves to give it a natural, barefoot-like feel.

- Various Styles to Choose From

Another bonus of this shoe is, as, with all Nike brands, the Frees come in a range of different colors and styles to ensure there will always be an option that fits your preferences.

The style is incredibly important for footwear, and the Free 5.0's great design makes it one of the sharpest shoes around.

- A Light but Incredibly Durable Shoe

Perhaps the biggest bonus of the Free 5.0 is its incredible flexibility and lightweight design. Flexibility is key for any running shoe, and the Free is one of the most pliable shoes around. That helps it both mold to your foot and spring off of the tough ground.

Another bonus of the shoe is it's incredibly lightweight. Nobody wants to be bogged down while running. In fact, you should forget your shoes are even there. At a little more than 8 ounces, the Free 5.0 is so light that they will never distract or hold you back. The shoe also comes with a specially designed upper that helps it cut back on weight.

- Protection and Support

As mentioned, lightweight running shoes are great, but they are nothing without support. The Free has Flywire technology to make sure the model is able to keep you protected, wherever you run. This ultra-lightweight support creates a great fit that helps the flexible shoe mold and wraps around your feet.

When purchasing the Free, you also get a great midfoot with a secure fit, as well as no-sew overlays throughout the shoe. Those work to give even more added support without adding any extra weight. 

- Huarache Heel

The final amazing feature with the Free is the Huarache style heel. This combines with the snug fit, flexible soles, and great supportive features to make sure your heel never slips or comes out of place while running. As a result, all the parts of your foot are cushioned so that one area does not take in excess stress. 

- Additional Features

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    Rubber sole
  • check
    Flywire technology
  • check
    Extremely durable and supportive (for active running and lifting)
  • check
    Comfortable cushion
  • check
    Mesh fabric for breathability (Polyester)
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    Super stylish for daily wear (get outfit ideas here)

Here's A Video Describing The Free 5.0 in Detail:

Nike Free 5.0 is One Of the Highest-Quality Running Shoes You Can Find

When looking for running shoes you need something that is both lightweight and durable. Though there are many shoes that do one thing, the Nike Free 5.0 does it all. The footwear is made with great materials and comes with numerous features to give you everything you need on any run. 

Some people prefer trails, some people run at the gym, and others take to outdoor trails. The Free 5.0 is great anywhere you need it. This is not just a light, hardy running shoe. It is one of the most dependable as well.

This style is available for both men and women. It is one of Nike's most popular sneaker lines on the market. To check out additional colors and patterns, visit Amazon or Nike. As the famous brand would say, 'Just Do It' already. 😉

Good luck finding your new pair of sneaks!

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