How To Stop Your Feet From Hurting At Work With These Simple Steps

Work is something we all need to do and it is something we cannot get around. Depending on your job, your feet might either be comfortable, or you will have to deal with painful feet every evening. Containing your pain can be a good option, but it will not relieve the problem and you will still need to deal with it after work or during the working hours.

After also suffering from pain at work, we have decided to consult a couple of medical professionals to find out how they would deal with the pain and which tips and advice they would give their patients to help alleviate the pain in the feet. These tips have worked for not only us but for many other people dealing with the same foot problems as you.





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Stop Your Feet From Hurting At Work

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Stop Your Feet From Hurting At Work

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Stop Your Feet From Hurting At Work

7 Steps for Dealing with Foot Pain at Work


After consulting a couple of the medical experts, we have found these tips to be the most effective at dealing with foot pain and to alleviate the pain that you will be experiencing. Here are the top tips for dealing with foot pain.

1. Check your shoes

The shoes you are working with will have a major effect on your pain. If the shoes aren’t correct on your feet, they might become uncomfortable and while many people feel that this is the break-in period, they ignore the subtle signs of pain. While the break-in does cause some pain, it will subside after a short while.

If the pain continues, it might be the fit of the shoe that does not compliment your feet and this could cause some prolonged injuries and pain. By focusing on the pain, you will be able to determine whether it is persistent or whether it is simply the break-in period that needs to be worked through in order to get.

2. Consider your weight

Being overweight is one of the main causes of foot problems in many people. By reducing the weight of your body, you will be more comfortable on your feet and this could be a great way to reduce some of the pain you feel as well.

Whilst you find yourself being overweight, you could include new inner soles to your shoes. The inner soles can be made from either EVA or memory foam, but since memory foam is considered the better option due to the fact that it molds to the shape of your feet, we would recommend it for the weight loss process.

3. Add a few breaks if possible

While you might feel like you are being productive, you will not be if you continue putting strain on your feet. In most jobs, you are legally allowed to have at least one break and this could be used for resting your feet. Even if you do not feel like eating or enjoying a cup of tea, the break should be a time to sit down and perhaps even kick out your shoes to give your feet some fresh air.

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4. Take care of your feet at home


Stopping the pain at work can also start at home and once you have the opportunity to stop the pain at home, you should also take it. By soaking your feet in warm water and lifting it up at night, you will be able to reduce some of the swellings that could have been caused by constant chaffing or even constant pressure on the foot.

The combination of using ice and warm water is one of the best ways to reduce inflammation naturally and the warm water will calm down the nerves in the feet as well. This will allow the feet to recover much faster and be ready for the next day.

5. Stay hydrated

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While this one might seem to be a little unconventional, it is still one of the best ways to reduce the pain in your feet. Cramps will set in once you are dehydrated and the body is depleted of magnesium and potassium. Foot cramps can also be aggravated and this will cause severe and significant pain and damage while you are working.

While water is one of the best ways to keep you hydrated, you could also consider focusing on drinks with electrolytes and vitamins to keep the levels of these minerals in your body at the optimal level.

6. Consider the support of the shoe/boot

In the construction industry, you will be wearing working boots more often than not. The right boot should have some additional support added to it. The shank is generally used to determine the support added to the boot. While a steel shank is a better and more stable option, aluminum and nylon can also be used to get equally good results.

7. Consider a stretching routine

If the shoes are fine and your feet become painful because you are standing on them all day, you should try and add a stretching routine to the mix. Foot pain is generally associated with weaknesses in the feet and generally the foot muscles as well. By stretching these muscles correctly, you will be able to make them longer and this will also make them a little stronger when it comes to dealing with prolonged hours on your feet.

Final Thoughts

Working with painful feet can be quite strenuous and irritating and this is something that you will need to try to avoid. With these tips or steps, you could enjoy your work experience somewhat more and your overall productivity will also be increased.

We would like to thank you for reading this article and we would like to know more about you’re your experience with foot problems and how you generally deal with them. Please let us know in the comment section if we might have missed any other methods of dealing with constant foot pain. Finally, we would also like to mention that you should always visit the doctor and get some professional advice if the pain persists.

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