How to Clean Timberlands at Home – Home Cleaning Solutions that Work

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Are you currently wondering how to clean timberlands so you can keep yours for a long time? Timberland boots actually refer to sturdy work boots. However, whether you are using it for fashion or utility, it is crucial to keep it clean to increase its lifespan.

You need to clean it regularly. In fact, experts suggest cleaning and treating the boots once every week. Fortunately, there are several ways for you to clean timberland boots – some even require only the items that you can easily find in your home.

What you will Need to Follow this Tutorial On How to Clean Timberlands

  • Brush
  • Clean cloth
  • Some soap
  • Gum eraser
  • Cornmeal
  • White vinegar
  • Cotton rag
  • Toothbrush with firm bristles
  • Nubuck and suede cleaner
  • Leather cleaner

How to Clean Timberlands at Home

Step 1 – Prepare the Boots for Cleaning

You can prepare your timberland boots for cleaning by brushing any excess dirt first. Remove all loose grime and dirt. You can do this with the help of a brush or clean cloth.

Fortunately, you can also take advantage of the suede and rubber sole brushes made and sold by Timberland as these are most suitable for cleaning the boots. After removing the dirt and grime, remove the laces.

You need to take them out prior to cleaning the boots as you have to wash them by hand separately. Once done, you can start cleaning the soles. You can do so by using a toothbrush and a bit of soap.

Just scrub the soles gently with soap suds. This is already enough in removing accumulated dirt that you can find in the grooves.

Step 2 – Use a gum eraser

How to Clean Timberland Boots at Home women

This step is ideal for removing small spots found on the surfaces of your Timberland boots. What you need to is to just rub the eraser into the affected area using circular movements.

Continue rubbing it gently until the spots and dirt disappeared. However, avoid pressing too hard as this might end up ruining the nap.

Step 3 – Try the cornmeal solution

How to Clean Timberland Boots at Home men

Yes, you can also use cornmeal in cleaning up your timberland boots. Just sprinkle cornmeal generously into a stain. This solution works best in removing oil-based and greasy stains in your footwear.

Lightly press the sprinkled cornmeal using your hands. Allow the morsels to sit for some time. Once done, you can brush it off. You can expect the cornmeal to serve as a sponge, which works in absorbing the stains and oils.

Step 4 – Use white vinegar

White vinegar is also a huge help in keeping your timberland boots clean. It works effectively in removing salt stains because the vinegar has acid that dissolves the pellets of rock salts while still keeping your footwear intact.

To take advantage of this method, get a clean cotton rag then wet it with the white vinegar. Dab it gently into the stained part of your boots. Let it dry naturally.

Step 5 – Use a toothbrush with firm bristles

This item is something that you can easily find at home. You can use it in quickly swiping minor dust and dirt accumulated by your Timberland boots. It is also useful in lifting the nap right after cleaning the boots. You usually need to do this once the boots are already dry.

To use the toothbrush, just brush it quickly yet lightly into the boot’s surface. You need one with firm bristles as this works more effectively in loosening dirt.

Step 6 – Make sure to use a cleaning agent based on the specific fabric of your boots

Keep in mind that Timberland boots are available in leather and suede styles. Each one requires a different method of cleaning.

For Nubuck or Suede Fabric. If this is the specific fabric used in your Timberland boots, then you can clean it with the aid of a foam cleaner. Another alternative is a cotton swab. Just add dish detergent into it then apply it on the area where there is dirt or stain.

Also, note that Timberland also sells Nubuck and suede cleaner, specifically designed to protect and clean your boots of that material. You can also purchase other suede cleaners either online or from drugstores.

Just make sure to follow all the instructions indicated in the cleaner when applying it and scrubbing the stains.

For Leather Timberland Boots. In this case, you have to use a cleaner specifically designed for leather. You can usually find them in cream form. The majority of these cleaners also come with an applicator or sponge, which you can use in applying it.

If This Method Doesn’t Work For Your Boots

If you cannot get your boots clean using the method above, you can purchase a specific Timberland dry cleaning footwear kit. These premium shoes can easily collect dirt, and the kit ensures that you do not do any damage to the material of them.

The cleaning kit sold by the manufacturer can be quite pricey. However, it depends if you are willing to pay that extra cost in order to care for your shoes. The kit contains a cleaner bar, a nylon brush, and tools that are specifically designed to remove dirt and grime from your Timberlands. The kit can be used for both leather and suede boots.

The guidelines provided by the manufacturer on how to clean your Timberland boots with this kit are as follows: brush the shoes to remove dirt, dust, and mud. Once the shoes are free from any debris, buff away stains using the cleaner bar provided in the kit. Then, apply the brush once more to clean away any remaining residue.

A Final Tip on How to Clean Timberlands

As a final tip, regardless of which method of cleaning you choose to do, always remember to remove the laces from the shoes before cleaning them.

When air-drying leather Timberland boots, be sure to keep them away from any direct heat sources. This can dry the shoes out and will result in cracks in the hide.


Cleaning Timberland boots at home does not have to be that hard. Learn how to clean Timbs with items in your home and products that you can also purchase from Timberland, the entire process is manageable

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