Top 5 Best Volleyball Shoes: What are your Options?

Volleyball is one of the most intensive sports that requires you to jump and make sharp turns. That said, you need to pair up this sport with the best volleyball shoes as such aids in making you play better.

Your slippery casual shoes, the pair you’re wearing either at work or at home, can’t give you all the things that you need from a footwear specifically designed for the shoe. The best one, on the other hand, is comfortable, stabilizes your feet and lessens the risk of incurring injuries.

Volleyball Shoes Buying Guide

Benefits of Wearing a Good Pair of Volleyball Shoes

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There are lots of reasons why investing in a good pair of footwear specifically designed for volleyball is a must. One reason/benefit is that such is heavily optimized for the sport. You can even find styles packed with all the technologies and features that you need to improve your game.

Another benefit is that you can wear a shoe which comes with materials and features that help you jump and land efficiently while also allowing you to move fast. For instance, you can find one with a GEL cushioning system, which can offer the highest level of support and comfort.

This system can also prevent your feet from getting too tired since you’ll feel like you’re landing on a padded and stable surface. Having this system is beneficial for you if you’re a volleyball player as the sport requires you to move and jump often. With the extra padding, you’ll feel safe and comfortable.

A good volleyball shoe can also improve your performance, giving you an edge over the other players. Also, it gives you the chance to play on a hard surface safely even if you constantly jump high as it often comes with shock resistance feature.

How to Pick the Right Volleyball Shoes for you?

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To find your best buddy in playing basketball in the form of a good footwear, here are some of the things that you have to assess thoroughly before you formulate a buying decision:

Price – In most cases, high-priced footwear usually last longer and are more durable than the low-priced ones. Most of these expensive models target serious athletes who need to wear the entire day and during their long practices and tournaments.

However, this does not mean that the cheap ones can’t provide you what you need. If you’re playing volleyball just for fun, then the low- or mid-priced ones are already good for you.

Style – Also, the style and look of the footwear should contribute to your decision. Fortunately, it is now easy to find stylish and trendy volleyball shoes that have all the features and specifics you need. The style and design should also accommodate your feet well.

Lightweight – You’ll know that a volleyball shoe is worth wearing if it is lightweight. Avoid going for the heavy ones as these might only hamper your movements, making it hard for you to jump and land.

Cushion – Check whether the footwear has enough cushion to support long hours of play time. Stay away from those that don’t have proper cushioning as they’re too hard, causing your feet to hurt when you play the sport for long hours. It should make you feel comfortable the entire day.

Air Flow – Assess whether the shoe you’re eyeing to buy has proper air flow and breathability features. Such feature is necessary if you want to play long without having to remove your shoes.

With proper air flow and breathability features, you have an assurance that you can fight unwanted sweat. It can keep your feet cool and dry. It’s even much better if you buy a shoe with additional moisture-wicking materials.

Grip – You also need to know if the volleyball shoe has a proper grip. If possible, go for one with gum rubber soles as these features provide adequate traction. Such can also result to a good grip even if the surface has become slippery.

Shoes with the mentioned soles can also prevent slipping all over the surface. Thus, you can avoid injuries while also preventing the footwear from marking the court.

Top 5 Best Volleyball Shoes 2019

1. Mizuno Wave Lightning Z2 Volleyball Shoe

This volleyball shoe from Mizuno has two different versions – one for men while the other for women. Both of these versions actually boast of a low-cut and classic design.

I love the fact that these shoes are lightweight, allowing me to move around effortlessly when playing volleyball.

You will also note that it holds the parallel wave plate exclusive to the brand. This specific feature creates impressive lateral stability. Such benefit is a good thing if you want to showcase your quick lateral movements while in court.

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For Men

For Women

The good thing about the shoe is that it is versatile that you can use it in actual games and during practice. Both shoes are also constructed out of textile/synthetic materials. They have rubber soles and non-marking outsoles.

The version for men features a dynamotion fit, dura-shield toe guard and an air mesh material. On the other hand, the ones designed for women boast of their Mizuno intercool feature, as well as the same dynamotion fit.

Aside from that, Mizuno makes use of its Breath Thermo line technology in booth shoes. Such technology, which is exclusive to the brand, generates heat from absorbing moisture, allowing you to stay warm despite cool temperatures.

  • Has exceptional grip, which means there is no need to worry about accidental slips even when using it on dusty and slippery floors
  • Lightweight without sacrificing its sturdiness and durability
  • Features impressive lateral support
  • Comes with adequate cushion
  • Uses a good impact system, absorbing your jump’s impact well
  • The low-profile tongue makes it a bit troublesome for some as it tends to slide down easily.
  • Might be narrower than your initial expectations, causing it to be a bit tight on the sides

2. Asics GEL-Rocket 7 Volleyball Shoe

Just like the previous product, the GEL-Rocket 7 volleyball shoe from Asics has two different versions – one for men and one for women.

I have to highlight the fact that Asics did a good job in ensuring that both men and women get what they really want from the shoes.

Both made of synthetic and imported material, the quality of the shoes is undeniable. I love the rubber sole integrated into both shoes as such ensures that you’ll have freedom of movements while also keeping you comfortable and secure.

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For Women

The shaft of the footwear is around 2.02” from the arch for men while being around 2.72” for women. For the men’s shoe, you will notice that it features a lightweight mesh upper. Such upper also comes with a cushioned footbed, as well as synthetic overlays.

You’ll love its molded-EVA midsole. Another bonus is the GEL cushioning system installed in it. The ones for women are also top-notch as they’re built with quality in mind. It makes use of the trusstic system, thereby making the sole weigh less without hampering the overall structural integrity.

Another feature that I love in the Asics GEL-Rocket 7 Volleyball Shoe for women is the NC rubber outsole. It has a high amount of natural rubber, so rest assured that it can help improve traction while wearing it in court. The integrated footbed gel cushioning system also reduces lessens the risk of shock during high-impact sessions.

  • Has undeniable quality considering the fact that it’s constructed out of synthetic and imported material
  • High level of stability without causing the shoe to become too heavy and uncomfortable
  • Good arch support
  • Less expensive than other brands and models
  • Has good grip
  • Heel cushion not as good as the other brands and models

3. ASICS GEL-Upcourt Volleyball Shoe

GEL-Upcourt Volleyball Shoe is another footwear from ASICS with versions for men and women. The version for men is constructed from synthetic and imported material, as well as a rubber sole.

Actually, GEL-Upcourt volleyball shoes for men and women have similar materials for their overall construction and sole. However, one major difference that I have to point out between the two is that the one for men has around 2.75” from the arch shaft.

The men’s volleyball shoe is also low-profile plus it also features an upper made of mesh and faux leather material.

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I love the padded collar and tongue, as well as the EVA midsole in this footwear, as both promote comfort and convenience when used.

The version for women, on the other hand, has a multi-court gel-upcourt design. It features a gum rubber outsole designed to provide impressive traction when used in court.

I also like to highlight the fact that it features a rear foot gel cushion, which further improves its comfort level with the additional cushioning. It is highly breathable with the aid of its mesh underlays and leather overlays.

  • Ideal for amateur and advanced players of volleyball
  • Good fit
  • Impressive overall construction and fit
  • Excellent traction due to its gum rubber outsole
  • Highly breathable
  • Lacks adequate grip on the ground

4. ASICS Women's GEL-Rocket 6 Volleyball Shoe

This footwear from ASICS is another of the best volleyball shoes specifically designed for women. It works well for women out there who wish to play volleyball for recreation purposes.

One of the many things I enjoy about this shoe is its lightness. It is very light, particularly the upper, thereby promoting ease of movements. You will also most likely fall in love with the improved traction integrated into this shoe.

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Such traction is made possible by the additional gum rubber built into the outsole. Made of synthetic and imported materials, you have a hundred percent guarantee that this volleyball shoe will never let you down.

It has a 2.5” from the arch shaft while also providing you with the highest level of protection. It can protect you from the risk of experiencing injuries. The shoe is also ideal for those with orthotics.

It’s not painful to wear, so expect to have a wonderful experience each time you wear it to play volleyball. With its GEL cushioning system and non-marking sole, you will be pleasantly surprised with what this shoe can offer.

  • Ideal for women who wish to play volleyball for recreation
  • Guaranteed to be very light, thereby letting you move with ease
  • Better traction than others
  • Has additional gum rubber, which further improves its grip
  • Offers protection against injuries
  • Too tight and narrow for some users

5. Nike Women's Volley Zoom Hyperspike Volleyball Shoes

Made from a world-class brand, Nike, you have some sort of assurance that this volleyball shoe can provide you with everything that you need from a footwear. It fits all foot sizes. Furthermore, it boasts of its ultralight weight, which is beneficial if you plan to strike or serve the ball with ease.

I love the low-cut ankle of this shoe as it promotes a full range of movement. Also, it makes use of the Flywire technology, integrating it to the upper to promote impressive lockdown. Such is a good thing if you want to move confidently when moving on the court.

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Another feature of the volleyball shoe is the Phylon midsole. It also takes pride of its lightweight cushion, giving you the kind of comfort you wish to attain from a shoe.

The outsole made of rubber integrated into this Nike footwear also features a modified pattern. You’ll find this a bonus as it ensures a sturdy and strong grip regardless of the surface.

  • Made from a reputable brand, Nike
  • Very lightweight
  • Promotes freedom of movements
  • Guarantees an excellent lockdown, making you feel more confident when playing the sport
  • Comfortable and guarantees a strong grip
  • A bit tight when used at first so you need to break it in for some time

Being an intensive sport, volleyball also needs a good pair of shoes. Fortunately, you have gathered enough information about the best volleyball shoes through this article.

You also gained information about how you can purchase the best shoes for the sport, so buying one that you’ll surely enjoy for a long time is possible.

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