A Look At The 10 Best Athlete’s Foot Creams: Buyer’s Guide

1. Derman Antifungal Cream

Last update on 2020-08-04 PST - Details

Antifungal creams are a great way to combat both combat athlete's foot as well as any infections it may cause. Derman is great because, not only does it help you fight off the ailment, but it comes with near instant relief for itching, scaling, rashes, and burns. If you want an easy-to-apply option, this is the best choice for you.

2. Lamisil Athlete's Cream

Lamisil Athelete's Foot Antifungal Cream, Full...
377 Reviews
Lamisil Athelete's Foot Antifungal Cream, Full...
  • Cures most athlete's foot and jock itch
  • Relieves itching, burning, cracking
  • Full Prescription Strength

Last update on 2020-08-04 PST - Details

When it comes to athlete's foot creams, you want something that is going to cover all parts of the disease. Lamisil is great towards that end because it helps remove the fungus, irritating symptoms, and any harmful bacteria. That versatility, combined with deep penetration, makes this one of the most efficient options around.

3. Lotrimin Anti-Fungal Clotrimazole Cream

Lotrimin AF Antifungal Cream for Athlete's Foot,...
82 Reviews
Lotrimin AF Antifungal Cream for Athlete's Foot,...
  • Cures most athlete's foot
  • Relieves burning and itching
  • Greaseless, non-staining creme

Last update on 2020-08-04 PST - Details

Lotrimin has been a trusted athlete's foot cream for years, and fot good reason. This substance is amazing at fighting, not just athlete's foot, but any conditions that come with it. Fungal infections can also bring other unwanted ailments (such as ringworm) and this is specially designed to cure all of them.

4. Puriya Wonderbalm

Puriya Tea Tree Oil Balm. Apply on feet, Nails,...
4,161 Reviews
Puriya Tea Tree Oil Balm. Apply on feet, Nails,...
  • AWARD WINNING. TRUSTED BY 200,000 USERS ~ Awarded the “Family Tested Family Approved” seal of approval by an independent organization that sends products to parents and families across North America to determine which products they love and use in their own homes. With over 2,500 5-star reviews, Puriya Wonder Balm is the most trusted in the market.
  • BUILDS A POWERFUL DEFENSE LAYER. HIGH IN TEA TREE & EUCALYPTUS ~ Every jar of Wonder Balm has a high concentration of Tea Tree oil and Eucalyptus oil. Helps to form a skin defense layer even in the most humid and sweaty conditions. Apply on your feet, groin, nails, chest, hands, legs and arms and know that your skin is protected.
  • PLANT-RICH, STAY-ON FORMULA ~ Beeswax and plant oil based ointment formula stays on your moist skin areas much longer than powder, lotion or cream to continuously help defend your skin anywhere you encounter humid, moist environments – showers, locker rooms, swimming pools, saunas, even outdoors when you jog, walk or hike.

Last update on 2019-12-20 PST - Details

Continuing with our great creams, Puriya Wonderbalm is a fantastic choice for those looking for an all-natural cream. This treatment not only comes with pure ingredients, but it also a great way to effectively deal with any spreading fungus infections. It is soft, goes on easy, and incredibly effective.

As a bonus, the special formula is designed to also help soothe any inflamed skin by reducing itching, redness, or pain. All without any chemicals.

5. Tolnaftate

[6 Pack] Tolnaftate Cream USP 1% Antifungal...
387 Reviews
[6 Pack] Tolnaftate Cream USP 1% Antifungal...
  • You will receive 6 of the big 1 oz tubes.
  • Relieves itching and burning.
  • Compare to the active ingredient of Tinactin.

Last update on 2019-12-20 PST - Details

Like Lotrimin, Tolnaftate is a trusted athlete's foot cream brand because of its high quality. This option offers some of the fastest relief you can find. Not only does it quickly target and eliminate fungus, but it also provides near-immediate itch relief. While it can be tougher to rub in, Tolnaftate's fast-acting formula is absolutely worth it.

6. Miconazole Nitrate

Miconazole Nitrate 2 % Antifungal Cream - 1 Oz...
476 Reviews
Miconazole Nitrate 2 % Antifungal Cream - 1 Oz...
  • Effective relief of itching, scaling, burning and discomfort.
  • Ingredients: Miconazole Nitrate 2%
  • Proven clinically effective in the treatment of most athlete's foot, jock itch, and ringworm

Last update on 2019-12-20 PST - Details

Sometimes, when looking for athlete's foot creams, you want something that is multi-purpose. Miconazole is great for athlete's foot, but it treats other problems like jock itch and ring worm too. If you want a more affordable cream that also provides you with many different uses, this is the best way to go.

7. Fieldworks Feet of Endurance

Therapeutic Healing Balm with Organic Essential...
161 Reviews
Therapeutic Healing Balm with Organic Essential...
  • HEALS AND SOOTHES CRACKED, DRY AND INFLAMMED SKIN - Fast Relief for Tired - Achy Feet, Athletes Foot, Psoriasis, Bunions, Neuropathy, Calluses, Bad Odor, Itchiness, Hot Spots, Aids In Preventing Blisters. Relief in hours instead of weeks.
  • STOP ITCHING, & SPREADING IRRITATIONS: This natural yet potent at-home formula contains strong anti-microbial and anti-fungal properties that quickly control itching and inflammation on your body, feet, hands, face, scalp, nails, cuticles, and heels. Stops irritation of the affected areas and prevents further spreading to other body parts which is the first step to recovery. Heal naturally and quickly.
  • ESSENTIAL OILS and HEALING HERBS - Calendula Soothes and Heals, Arnica and Ginger Increase Circulation and Reduce Soreness, Thyme and Rose Geranium Effective Anti-fungal and Antimicrobials. Bentonite Clay helps the formula stay on the skin longer, allowing the potent natural ingredients time to do what nature intended.

Last update on 2020-08-04 PST - Details

Another great all-natural option, Fieldworks Feet of Endurance is a simple way to cure athlete's foot. This cream comes at a low price and can be applied at all times of the day. Made from plant-based oils and different clays, the formula works to draw toxins away from the skin and helps you heal faster.

8. Foot Finish

Toenail Fungus Treatment, Antifungal Cream,...
752 Reviews
Toenail Fungus Treatment, Antifungal Cream,...
  • ANTIFUNGAL CREAM FOR TOENAIL FUNGUS AND ATHLETES FOOT- Foot Finish is strong enough to fight even the most stubborn foot bacteria and toenail and foot fungus caused by athletes foot, ringworm, and psoriasis.
  • FIRST AID FOR YOUR ITCHY DRY STINKY FEET - Antifungal properties fight existing toenail and foot fungus while antiseptic properties help to relieve pain and discomfort while speeding up the healing process and eliminate foot odor that cause stinky feet.
  • TOENAIL FUNGUS FOOT REPAIR TREATMENT - Tea Tree Oil, Rose Oil & Lavender Oil are the best essential oils to help heal and treat nail fungus.

Last update on 2020-08-04 PST - Details

Athlete's foot comes with many problems, and one of the biggest is toenail fungus. If you're suffering such an issue, Foot Finish is a great option. This cream contains some of the strongest medication on this list, which gives it a ton of power towards hitting all fungus types. It is fast-absorbing and has a great lavender scent as well.

9. The Yellow Bird All-Natural Antifungal Foot Cream

All Natural Antifungal Foot Cream. Moisturizing...
940 Reviews
All Natural Antifungal Foot Cream. Moisturizing...
  • TOTAL FOOT CARE- Everything you need to keep your feet healthy and looking great. Hydrates and locks in moisture to treat cracked heels and rough calluses while anti-fungal, antibacterial, and anti-inflammatory essential oils provide soothing relief from odor and athlete's foot.
  • ALL NATURAL- Contains 10 simple organic and natural ingredients. Includes therapeutic grade essential oils of Peppermint, Lavender, Eucalyptus, and Tea Tree. With only the best ingredients no sacrifices are made! Paraben free, Phthalate free, Soy free, GMO free, and Gluten free.
  • LONG LASTING COVERAGE – Unlike other foot creams and foot lotions our thick and concentrated formula provides long lasting support. Its unique balm like properties provides additional time for your feet to soak up its nourishing ingredients.

Last update on 2020-08-04 PST - Details

The Yellow Bird All-Natural cream works to combat unpleasant smells and take care of fungus in a completely natural way. It has 10 organic and natural ingredients, which range from peppermint and lavender to eucalyptus and tea tree oil. Those make this a great option for anyone who wants relief without chemicals. It can even work to soften feet and break down calluses.

10. Family Care Clotrimazole Anti-Fungal Cream

We finish our list with Clotrimazole Family Care. This, like the Foot Finish, is made with strong medication that allows it to be used for a range of different fungal infections. It, as the name shows, is created with Clotrimazole, which helps it slow fungal development.

Though it does not work as fast as some other brands, Family Care has one of the highest success rates out there. All you need to do is diligently apply the cream on any area that needs it.

Comparison Table

The Best Athlete's Foot Creams Money Can Buy

In today's day and age there is no reason to wrestle with or suffer from athlete's foot. The fungus can be a hassle, but as long as you choose from the above creams, you will be fine in no time.

Preventing infection is extremely important. All of the choices on this list keep you healthy, and they each come with instant symptom relief as well. 

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