The Adidas AlphaBounce: An Amazingly Versatile Athletic Shoe

Bounce – this term evokes certain words, such as spring, energy, and rebound.

In the case of shoes, it means a great combination of comfort and flexibility.

Several shoes encapsulate that word, but none of them more than the Adidas AlphaBounce.

The AlphaBounce stands out from the pack because it is built with a specially designed midsole to create an experience unlike any other. You do not just walk or run in these. You spring, with each step propelling you forward.

There is no replacement for good quality, and the AlphaBounce is a great way to support your feet on both walks and runs.

The Adidas AlphaBounce

adidas alphabounce

A Shoe Unlike Any Other

The Adidas AlphaBounce comes with a range of characteristics that set it apart from other athletic shoes.

The first is its mesh technology, which is used throughout the upper unit. This gives the shoe a soft feel and ensures it is both comfortable and flexible no matter where you want to use it.

The fabric of the AlphaBounce is soft, and the outsole is crafted with special carbon rubber to give you proper support across the entire shoe. The upper also has a molded neoprene-like mesh and a full-sleeved design to give it a sleek look.

Shoes need to be functional, but they should look good as well.

Beyond its stylish construction, the AlphaBounce comes in a vast array of different colors, both vibrant and muted, to fit any wardrobe.



  • Comfortable and has a nice fit
  • The circular knit upper, while comfortable is not enough to forego wearing socks



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The Specially Designed Bounce Midsole 

As the name would suggest, the most striking and impressive feature of the AlphaBounce is its springy interior. The midsole has a firm EVA (stands for ethylene-vinyl acetate) casing as well as a soft foam core crafted with Bounce technology.

The EVA heel clip makes sure your foot stays in place as you run, while the bounce makes sure your shoes are going to give you the maximum amount of energy return.

The Bounce technology gives a plush, responsive cushioning for all walks of life.

The extra padding is always welcome in an athletic shoe, and this model works to shoot back your energy with each step. That makes both walking and running much easier and helps you move for long periods of time without experiencing sore feet.

Every step is extremely bouncy and builds to a perfect combination of spring and shock absorption. That, mixed with all of the above features, creates a great cross-style shoe that won't put any extra stress on your body. Extra spring is exactly what active people want when searching for footwear, and this shoe delivers it better than any other model on the market.

A Shoe Made for All Walks of Life

Another big draw of the AlphaBounce is its extreme versatility. While many athletic models have one purpose, the AlphaBounce can be worn for a range of different activities. Not only is it great while running, but it can work as a sports shoe and feels good at the gym.

In addition, as there are so many trendy styles and color options, the AlphaBounce can even be worn walking around town or on more casual weekend trips. That allows you to get a lot of extra mileage that other styles simply do not have.

The AlphaBounce is not just a running shoe. It is an active lifestyle sneaker that you can wear for numerous occasions.

Many people believe that athletic shoes are only for running or working out. This model challenges those notions and shows that functionality does not have to be limited.

Rather than breaking out your athletic shoes once a day, throw them on anytime you want something that is both sleek and comfortable.

In terms of look, the AlphaBounce is crafted with a specially designed upper for easy use. The tongue is built into the upper, and the heel has a wide opening that allows you to easily slip it on and off.

Another unique feature of the AlphaBounce is that it is made with FORGEDMESH technology. This soft, lightweight material is used throughout the entire upper to give you a tight, secure fit. That, in combination with an adiWEAR rubber outsole, creates great support and density without limiting your natural movements.

You want your shoe to be flexible, and the AlphaBounce keeps you going on all surfaces.

Adding More Bounce to your Step

The Adidas AlphaBounce is perfect for anyone looking for affordable footwear that doesn't skimp on features.

Many top-of-the-line shoes are extremely expensive.

However, that is not the case here.

You get great quality and a range of amazing upgrades for a relatively low price. If you want a new age lifestyle shoe that is perfect for casual wear, running, and sports, this is the one for you.

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